Six Delicious Burgers From Around the World

Let’s go on a burger tour...

Will you try and recreate some of these regional delights with your Waagyu Burgers?

Burgers take many forms globally, from the traditional cheeseburger we know and love to some we had never heard of before writing this article. After extensive research, we have discovered some delicious, wacky and downright weird iterations of the famous dish that has been around for many years. In all its forms, I think we can all agree on one thing; a burger will tend to be ground meat, shaped in some way, and served on a bun or bread.

Let’s get into some of our top picks of the regional delicacies we found.

Germany – Nürnburger

Nürnburger served in McDonalds Germany
(Image: McDonalds Germany)

The first stop on our culinary tour of the world is in Germany, where some locals enjoy the coveted Nürnburger. While this technically maybe wouldn’t be called a burger, it looks utterly delicious. Typically, this delicacy is three thin bratwursts (known as Rostbratwürstchen), mustard and fried onions on a bun.

This could be akin to a roll and sausage or a sausage bap to our friends south of the border. Either way, we’re here for it.

New Zealand – Kiwi Burger

Photo of regional New Zealand burger - Kiwi Burger

Next, we are travelling to New Zealand, where this somewhat nostalgic local delicacy is all the rage. In no particular order, this creation contains a juicy beef patty, fried egg, pickled beetroot, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion mustard and ketchup. The addition of pickled beetroot and a fried egg makes this burger specific to New Zealand and has been a regional favourite since the 70’s.

Have we ever tried this before? No. Will we give it a bash as soon as we finish writing this article? Absolutely!

Finland – Reindeer Burger

reindeer burger with a side of onion rings
(Image: Kezie Foods)

Our next stop is going to be Finland, where they delight in a regional classic of reindeer burgers. A reindeer patty is cooked, then topped with cheese (regular or fried), any other typical favourite burger accoutrements, and then some delicious lingonberry jam. We are led to believe that the sweet and savoury elements work very well with this burger.

Top tip: try recreating this one with our Highland Venison burger kits – add your own lingonberry jam!

Canada – Hot Hamburg (the poutine of burgers)

Canada's hot hamburg burger
(Image: Wikipedia)

We now find ourselves in Canada, home to the national treasure that is poutine. While poutine is delicious and all, imagine it in burger form! How good would that be?! A regular beef patty with all the trimmings, topped with cheese curds, then drenched in delicious beefy gravy.

Top tip: add our poutine side to your order and recreate this delicious burger by adding the gravy and cheese curds to it.

USA – Heart Attack Grill Burger

quadruple bypass burger from the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas
(Image: Grub Street)

We couldn’t have a list of regional burgers without a special mention to the home of burgers, the USA. America is known for being big and bold with many things they do, and their burgers are no different. While conducting our research, we stumbled across the ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger’ served at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. Four half-pound beef patties, eight slices of American cheese, twenty strips of bacon and a lard-toasted bun. Oh, and a whole tomato plus half an onion. Because, health.

This whopping burger comes in at nearly 10,000 calories. We would recommend sharing with a friend or two. Not just because it is almost four times your daily calorie intake but also because it would be near impossible to finish on your own unless you are a competitive eater!

UK – Waagyu Burger

(Image: @theburgerreviews on Instagram)

Bringing this exciting regional burger tour home, we return to the best burger served in the UK. The Signature Waagyu Burger. A delicious Wagyu beef patty (or two), melty mature cheddar, smoked bacon, shredded baby gem, crispy onions, and our secret recipe sauce.

Each ingredient has been locally sourced by Chef Dean Banks and the team at Waagyu Burger to bring you a burger like no other. Is it any wonder our amazing customers keep ordering them week after week? Order yours right here.

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