The Definitive Waagyu Christmas Gifting Guide 2023

Here we go! Christmas is fast approaching, and we're absolutely thrilled for the festive day. There's nothing quite like the joy of witnessing those smiles on Christmas morning, and we have some amazing gifts ready to turn those frowns upside down.

At Waagyu and our sister ventures, we've curated a wide array of fantastic gift options, catering to everything from the perfect present for your significant other to those last-minute stocking stuffers for friends and family. So, without further ado, let's dive right in, shall we?


Monetary vouchers

A classic go-to in the world of gift-giving: the voucher. This golden ticket grants your recipient the freedom to pick out precisely what they desire from our selection.

Whether it's our renowned Signature Waagyu Burger Kit, the delectable Lobster Brioche Kit, or a variety of delightful beers and cocktails, the decision is entirely in their hands.

Man holding a Wagyu burger

Top tip: make sure you get them enough so they can grab some of our delicious sides too.

Our vouchers come in denominations of £10 and £25, allowing you to spend as much as you please on that fortunate individual. It's the ideal present for your friends, co-workers, or nearest and dearest.


Gift a Waagyu box

Perhaps you'd like to give a delightful Waagyu kit directly to someone, and that's absolutely fine. It indicates that you've put some consideration into their gift, and that certainly carries some weight, doesn't it?

Wagyu beef burger with bacon and cheese

After all, who can resist a delectable burger, especially when it's crafted by our very own Chef Dean Banks? As he once remarked, "Probably the best thing I've ever put in my mouth."

To make it happen, all you need to do is go to the product you wish to purchase for that fortunate individual, choose your delivery date, add it to your cart, and then input their address in the delivery information section. It's truly that straightforward.


Dinner, a stay, and breakfast at Haar St. Andrews

Are you really looking to push the boat out? Treat your lucky recipients to an enchanting experience at our sister venue, Haar Restaurant with Rooms. Complete with an overnight stay, an award-winning dinner, and a delicious breakfast. This magical culinary adventure promises to create cherished memories for your lucky recipient.

Upon their arrival, a warm welcome awaits, and they will be escorted to their luxurious room, where they can unwind and settle in. Whether they opt to explore the historic town of St. Andrews or choose to relax in the comfort of their room before dinner, the choice is entirely theirs. We are here to ensure that their experience is nothing short of unforgettable regardless.

inside of a Haar room in St. Andrews

As the evening draws near, our dedicated team will assist them in securing a reservation for an extraordinary dining experience. A culinary adventure filled with captivating tales and exquisite flavours, skilfully curated by Chef Dean Banks and his talented team, awaits them. This is one they’ll not be forgetting any time soon.

After dinner, the night is theirs to enjoy as they please – perhaps a romantic stroll through our charming town or a nightcap at a local establishment? St. Andrews offers a bunch of activities and establishments to explore on their mini-break.

Their night will culminate with a peaceful slumber in the exceptionally comfortable beds, setting the stage for a delightful morning. The following day, they will join us in the dining room for a scrumptious breakfast, thoughtfully prepared by Dean and his kitchen team. This marks the perfect conclusion to their Haar adventure, ready to head home and thank you oh so much for the experience.

This gift is a surefire way to get in anyone’s good books.


You can peruse all of our home delivery boxes and gifting options on the website.

Happy holidays when they come from Dean and the whole team at Waagyu, we hope your festivities are everything that you hoped and dreamed they would be.

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