Five Steps to Hosting the Best BBQ in History

You'll want this getting up in your grill!

The Great British Summer the time we have been waiting for all year. It is finally upon us, and we couldn’t be any more here for it.

The sun is shining down on you. A beer in one hand, a burger in the other. Does it get any better than this? Nope, we don’t think it does.

While that idyllic moment is what dreams are made of, a lot of planning goes into the perfect BBQ – and we are here to help with this!

Let’s investigate the five steps you need to complete to host the best BBQ.


1) The Food

First and foremost, a BBQ is all about the food, let’s be honest. You can’t be serving up sub-par supermarket burgers and burnt sausages. If you want to impress, you’ve gotta serve up the best of the best!

Thankfully here at Waagyu, we have BBQ-ready kits you won’t find anywhere else, trust us!

Best of Both: Burger and Lobster Roll Kit

lobster rolls and beef burgers on a table at a barbecue

What do you get when you team our two powerhouse offerings together? You get the best of both worlds! Four juicy Wagyu beef burgers with all the trimmings and four of our signature lobster rolls. Get this up in your grill, and you’ll be guaranteed to impress at your next al-fresco get-together!

Waagyu BBQ Box

cooked BBQ box from Waagyu Burger laid out on a dining table

Are you looking to take your grilling game to the next level? Then let us help you with that.

Featuring four Highland Venison patties, four Wagyu beef patties, a 500g grass-fed Sirloin and four hand-dived scallops. Your guests will be spoiled for choice (and super impressed).

This box also features a selection of sides, including asparagus, miso glazed corn on the cob and, of course, Dean’s seaweed BBQ roasted potatoes.

Are you having your BBQ at the weekend? We recommend ordering your box by Wednesday lunchtime to ensure it arrives on time.

2) The Grill

We would say the second most crucial stage of any BBQ planning is to ensure you have the proper cooking apparatus!

gas barbecue with rising flames

Your grill may have some burnt-on food from the last time it was used, but that is not a problem! Use a stiff grill brush to get all the food off the grates; it is much easier if the grill is warm, too, so we recommend pre-heating it first but make sure to turn it off right before cleaning!

After this stage, we recommend using a cloth dipped in neutral oil to grease the grates on your grill. Again, make sure to turn off the heat before completing this stage. This will allow for easier cooking when the time comes.

3) Drinks

You can’t have a BBQ without some refreshing drinks to wash down that delicious food you will be preparing!

Make sure to have all your beers, wine and soft drinks chilling in the fridge several hours before your guests arrive – nobody likes a warm beer on a hot day now, do they?


4) Preparation

The day has finally come to host the perfect BBQ. Friends are on the way; drinks are chilling in the fridge, and you’re almost good to go.

The last thing you need to do is prepare all your food. Thankfully, with our boxes, the prep is minimal. We recommend having everything laid out and ready to go right before cooking. You can follow all our helpful instructions that are included in the box. We recommend pre-heating the grill at this point – this ensures you get the perfect sear on your burgers.


5) Cook and Enjoy

Now the fun begins. It is time to don your best ‘kiss the cook’ apron and get grilling.

people eating a burger and lobster roll at a barbecue

Cook your food to perfection, and then the only thing left to do is sit back and relax with a beer in one hand, burger in the other!

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