Four Reasons Why Wagyu Beef is the Best in the World

Why is Wagyu beef the best in the world?


Wagyu has long been the hallmark of any beef worldwide, but why is this?

To understand why we must first look at the process of breeding Wagyu cattle and how they have been looked after. 

Wagyu beef originated in Japan, with the name 'Wagyu' actually meaning 'Japanese Cow'. This derives from the two syllables in the title – 'Wa' and 'Gyu'. 'Wa' meaning Japanese, and the 'Gyu' meaning Cow. Ergo, Japanese Cow.

While many years ago, Wagyu was strictly exclusive to Japan. The meat has become much more accessible in other countries such as the US, Australia, and the UK through crossbreeding.

Someone eating a Wagyu burger at a barbecue


The raising process

Wagyu cows are raised very differently from traditional cattle around the world. They are fed on a strict diet of whole crop silage, rice straws and concentrate – all of which aid in the flavour of the meat.

Wagyu cattle also live longer, with the cows living over three years in comparison to traditional cows, which live around fifteen months.


Reasons why Wagyu is considered the best in the world


  1. Marbling and fat content

Wagyu beef is very different from other cattle types, primarily due to the amount of marbling found throughout the cuts.

The term 'marbling' refers to the white layers of fat you can see throughout the cuts of meat due to the cattle's breeding process. The strict diet and the length of time they are bred for contributes to the high amount of marbling throughout a cut of Wagyu beef. 

Wagyu beef has a very high-fat content. This fat has a very low melting or 'rendering' point compared to traditional cuts of meat, plus it is also high in omega-3, omega-6, and monounsaturated fats. When considering a modern, nutritious diet, the correct fats, in moderation, are necessary for any healthy lifestyle.


  1. Rich flavour

There is the age-old saying that 'fat equals flavour', which certainly rings true in the case of Wagyu beef. 

With such a high-fat content and low rendering point, is it any wonder that Wagyu beef has the most delicious flavour? As soon as your burger hits the pan, you will start to see all the delightful fat melt, lending a truly unique, tasty, rich flavour to every bite.

Wagyu beef burger with toppings added


  1. Juicy meat

While the high-fat content of Wagyu gives a rich flavour profile, it also provides you with the juiciest burger that ever did touch those lips of yours.

Burgers made with regular ground beef can dry out very quickly, especially when using beef with a lower fat content – but this is not the case with a Waagyu Burger. The high-fat content, and its low melting point, ensure that you will have the juiciest burger from start to finish.


  1. The melt-in-the-mouth factor

When you combine the marbled texture of the beef and the high-fat content, you are literally left with the most melt-in-the-mouth burger ever.

Wagyu beef, when compared to traditional meat, is so much more tender. We've all been there with a sub-par burger. Chewing for what feels like forever due to the low quality of the meat – but not with a Waagyu Burger!


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