Three reasons why we still grill in the colder months

As summer draws to a close, there's no need for your barbecue to live in the garage until next year. In fact, cooking outdoors during the cooler months can offer an even more enjoyable experience than summer grilling. With the reduced opportunities for socialising, especially outdoors, during autumn and winter, outdoor cooking presents an excellent way to socialise with your nearest and dearest. Even in the cooler months.

Extend an invitation for a weekend barbecue or a simple weeknight dinner to your friends and family. At Waagyu, we firmly believe that cooking and food have a unique ability to bring people together, and your outdoor grill serves as the perfect facilitator for these gatherings. 

bacon cheese burger

We all miss summer when it is on its way out. However, the conclusion of the season doesn't necessitate bidding farewell to warm-weather pursuits like outdoor cooking. By firing up that grill all year round, you can enjoy preferred summertime foods and activities without waiting for the return of the milder months.

There's still ample fun to be had in the outdoors. Just because the temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean you should wave goodbye to your daily intake of vitamin D! Don that snug jumper and hat, and get that grill fired up. You won’t regret it.

Let’s get into three reasons why we still love grilling, even in the cooler months of the year.


Outdoor cooking is far more comfortable

Let’s be honest, outdoor cooking in the summer months can be a sweaty affair. Especially when you’re stood over a grill for several hours and it’s twenty-to-thirty degrees outside. Hosting a large number of guests? You could be there most of the day.

burgers and bacon being cooked on an outdoor grill

Grilling in autumn or winter, however, is much more comfortable. So, take full advantage of that drop in temperature and get cooking, good looking!


Nothing beats grilled food

Certainly, whilst pan-fried and oven-cooked burgers can certainly be delightful, there's an undeniable quality to the taste of grilled patties that remains unparalleled, regardless of the season. When preparing your Waagyus on the grill, you can consistently rely on it to infuse your ingredients with that unmistakable char and smoky flavour. This just can’t be replicated when cooking indoors, we’re afraid.


Your grill could double up as an outdoor fireplace

While your grill is great for outdoor cooking and grilling, some can also double up as a garden fireplace once you have finished being a culinary whizz for the day. Take a Plancha from our friends over at DWK Outdoor Living, for example.

Once you have finished cooking up a storm, simply add some more of your chosen fuel source to the Plancha, and you and your guests can sit in the garden all day and night. Perfect for enjoying some post-meal refreshments.

bacon and cheese burgers cooking on an outdoor grill

Outdoor cooking really is a fun activity, all year round. We couldn’t live without our weekend Waagyu fix, and we’re sure you couldn’t either. So, why limit this to spring and summer only?

Best don your best ‘kiss the cook’ apron and get that grill fired up this weekend, we know we will.

You can order our Signature Waagyu Burger Kit to be delivered nationwide throughout mainland UK. Deliveries are available on both Wednesdays and Fridays every week, and you should keep an eye out for our monthly specials too. Happy grilling folks!

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