Seven steps to cooking your delicious Waagyu Burger on a Quoco Plancha

While summer may be on the out, that does not mean you cannot enjoy a delicious burger grilled to perfection all year round. A Waagyu burger is particularly delicious when done on the Quoco Plancha. The grill feature adds a delightful smokiness, plus those all-important grill marks we often look for on a burger, while the outer cooking ring allows you to get that perfect sear on there too.

Waagyu Burgers are worth trying if you're looking for something new and exciting in the world of burgers. With its bold flavour and tender texture, Wagyu beef is sure to take your burger game up a notch, mainly when cooked on the Quoco Plancha.

The Quoco Plancha is a versatile and innovative addition to your garden or outdoor area. This is not just an outdoor grill; it is a work of art that brings your nearest and dearest together through a love of food and cooking. The Quoco Plancha incorporates three incredible features into one, with an outer cooking ring and a centre grill for direct heat, and it even acts as a garden fireplace once you are done being the culinary whizz for the day.


burgers cooking on a plancha

Let's look at the five steps you must follow when cooking your Waagyu Burgers on the Plancha.


Relight my fire

First and foremost, we must get the Quoco Plancha fired up and ready to go. You can use various fuel sources, including wood, charcoal, or briquettes. Once these are lit, please ensure that your Plancha is at the correct temperature (per the package instructions) before cooking on them.


Preparation is key

Like for any delicious meal, you should always prepare anything before you get cooking. Thankfully, our Waagyu kits come near enough completely prepped. All you have to do is take everything from the fridge and lay it out in arms reach for when you are cooking. You should also slice your brioche buns and cut your baby gem lettuce.


Let's get cooking 

First, ensure that the outer cooking ring is hot enough; your burger should let out an almighty sizzle as it makes contact with the surface. You should leave it for a few minutes, untouched, to ensure that you get the perfect sear on there. Getting a good sear adds a delicious texture and crust to the burger, which matches perfectly with the patty's moist, juicy internal textures.


Once you have seared both sides, you will want to get the burger onto the grill's direct heat. This will impart both an unmistakably delicious smokiness and those all-important grill marks. You should alternate the patties between both the outer cooking ring and the grill to bring the internal temperature up to just below 75 degrees centigrade (the burger will finish cooking while we melt the cheese on top)


Say cheese!

Now, you will want to add your cheese to the top of the patties. The melty mature cheddar pairs perfectly with the rich Wagyu beef to bring a flavour explosion to those tastebuds. Add the cheese slices to the top of the patty while it is sitting on the outer ring to melt.

cheese melting on top of a burger


Top tip: you can melt the cheese quicker by putting a metal bowl over them. Careful, though; please use tongs, so you do not burn your fingers!


Don't go bacon my heart

Now, you should take your burgers off the heat and let them rest for a few minutes. This gives you plenty of time to cook your bacon to your liking. We recommend doing this on the outer cooking ring of the Plancha, but you can also do it on the grill if you want to add some extra smokiness to the meat. Again, the meat should register 75 degrees centigrade.


Toast dem buns, hun

Quickly open the buns and toast the inside of them on the grill. The leftover juices from the burger will add a delicious flavour to them. Be careful, though, as they can quickly burn, so keep an eye on them!

It's assembly time

someone holding a cheese and bacon wagyu beef burger

Now, everything is cooked and ready to go. Add the sauce, salad, cheesy Wagyu patties, bacon and crispy onions to your brioche rolls. And there you have it; you've just made the best burger in existence.


You can order one of the incredible Quoco Planchas from DWK Outdoor Living right here, and the Signature Waagyu Burger kit, right here.

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