Three reasons why you’ll love Haar at Home

Is the highlight of your weekend the moment that Waagyu Burger box is delivered to your door? It definitely is for us, but we may be a little biased! On the likely assumption that it is, then boy do we have a treat in store for you. Our sister company, Haar at Home, deliver some delicious luxury boxes right to your door.

Luxury fine-dining meal boxes, all of which curated by Chef Dean Banks and the team at Haar Restaurant in St. Andrews. Delivered nationwide. Expect delicacies such as St. Andrews Bay lobster, 32+ day dry-aged grass-fed steak, scallops, lobster thermidor and even a 24K golden tomahawk. To name but a few of their incredible offerings.


a table of food with wine, langoustines and steak


Haar at Home have been making waves on the UK food scene since 2020, and they have no intention of slowing down. New luxury boxes and seasonal menus are added regularly, alongside their absolute classics we all know and love. You will be spoilt for choice, trust us.

Brought to you by Chef Dean Banks and his hardworking team at Haar Restaurant in St. Andrews. Things all began at the start of the pandemic. With Haar having to temporarily close their doors due to lockdown restrictions. Dean and the team had to quickly think of a solution to safeguard the future of the business, its staff and their families’ livelihoods.

Ironically, the ‘outside the box’ idea was what was inside their luxury boxes.

Let’s get into the three reasons why you’ll love your next Haar at Home order.


Fine dining at home

In all honestly, finding the time to make it out to a restaurant can be difficult these days. Can’t get a babysitter? Feeling a little under the weather? Whatever your reason may be for not being able to make it out, fear not. Haar at Home bring fine dining to you, wherever you are in the United Kingdom. Each luxury box has been specially curated by Chef Dean Banks and the team at Haar Restaurant, so you know they mean business. Bring a little Dean Banks pizzazz to your dining table.


a table of luxury food including steak, crab, lobster and Champagne


Easy to prepare 

Each of their luxury boxes come with easy-to-follow instructions, all comprehensively writted by the Haar at Home team. They even have a YouTube channel showcasing how to make everything too in step-by-step instructional videos.

Added bonus: most of the luxury box ingredients have been pre-prepared by Dean himself and the team. So, a lot of the items simply require to be heated in the oven or on the hob. Perfect if you’re worried that your culinary skills are not up to the standards of fine dining.

Haar want to make fine dining accessible to everyone and have curated the boxes in such a way that this is possible. You will not be disappointed, trust us.


lobster, broccoli, scallops and vegetables on a dining table


Using only the best of ingredients

From the lobster caught fresh in St. Andrews Bay, metres from Haar Restaurant. To the oak-smoked langoustines and grass-fed steaks. Haar at Home never compromise on the quality of their ingredients, and you will taste this in every bite.

Seasonal items are the catch of the day, and you will taste this throughout their luxury boxes. Dean and the team always champion seasonal ingredients in their cooking at the restaurants, Haar at Home is no different.


a table of fine-dining food including lobster, steak, crab and a variety of sides

Using ingredients which are in season allow for them to truly shine. Bringing the best, boldest flavours to any dish.

Top tip: check out Haar at Home’s seasonal menus. They run a number of different ones each month, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Are you interested in ordering one of the country’s top fine dining food deliveries? Head over to the Haar at Home website now and grab a look at what they have on offer today.

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