The Six Best Sides For Your Waagyu Burger

What are the best sides for your burgers?

By now, we all know how delicious a Waagyu Burger is. But they are nothing without a side dish to go along with them. Like the Will to our Grace, sides are the other half of what makes a boujee burger a whole (lotta deliciousness). Below, we will go over our top six picks of burger sides to enjoy with your delicious Waagyus.

1) Classic Fries – Waagyu Style

classic fries

We couldn’t kick things off without a special mention to the one that started it all. The OG of burger sides – classic fries! Admittedly, we have put our own little ‘Dean Banks’ spin on them with the addition of smoked garlic butter for tossing and, of course, Dean’s signature seaweed salt. These fries are smokey, garlicky and savoury. An umami flavour bomb that you won’t forget in a hurry!

2) Good ‘n’ Dirty Fries

dirty fries waagyu style

Are you looking to kick those fries up a notch? Then look no further! The Good ‘n’ Dirty Fries are everything you want in a side order. Crispy, cheesy and spicy. Our classic fries are smothered in a jalapeño cheese sauce, chipotle chilli flakes, finely diced spring onion and some coriander for those little bursts of freshness. Warning: these fries are highly addictive

3) Poutine

bowl of poutine

We couldn’t conclude our fry-based sides without mentioning the Canadian national delicacy that is poutine. The classic combo of crisp fries, gravy and cheese curds works SO well. It is everything you need in a side – salty, meaty, and cheesy. The Waagyu team has painstakingly sourced our classic cheese curds, and you will not find these in any supermarket in the UK, trust us. If you need us, we’ll be over here poutine these delicious fries in our mouths.

4) Cheesy Mac

classic mac and cheese

A strong contender for the top side dish for a Waagyu has gotta be the classic mac and cheese. The timeless dish that compliments any burger oh so well! Three-cheese mac, topped with a delicious parmesan herb crumb. What is not to love? This dish is ooey, gooey, and cheesy, and that delicious crumb also adds some all-important crunchy textures. We’ll be right over here stuffing our faces, thank you very much!

5) Chipotle Chilli Mac

chipotle chilli mac and cheese

The classic mac gets turned up to eleven with this spicy little number. Our signature mac and cheese is topped with chipotle chilli flakes, spring onion and a Parmesan herb crumb. Cheesy, spicy, with a delightfully crispy top. You’ll struggle to share this one!

6) Lobster Mac

lobster mac and cheese

It wouldn’t be a Dean Banks mac and cheese without some signature native Scottish lobster! Caught fresh every day in St. Andrews Bay, Scottish lobster is quite possibly the best in the world. The flavours of this dish are nothing short of spectacular – rich lobster teamed with cheesy mac. You’ll think you’ve died and went to comfort food heaven! This delicious mac will complement any Waagyu making the BEST boujee burger combination.

Special Mentions

1) Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are an often-overlooked burger side. While many cannot see past a classic, crispy French fry, we hold a soft spot for their slightly sweeter sibling. Perfect crisped up and sprinkled with some flaky sea salt. Sweet, savoury and oh so delicious!

2) Onion Rings

We couldn’t do a rundown of the best sides without including these in there too. A crispy coating on the outside with a deliciously soft onion filling. The sweet white onion compliments the perfect savoury and salty exterior. Bonus points if you put some on your burger too!

Were you looking to make some delicious additions to your Waagyu Burger experience? Look no further than our incredible selection of sides and extras right here. Carefully curated by Chef Dean Banks and the Waagyu team, you’ll have no shortage of delicious accompaniments to our kits.

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