Four steps to creating an unforgettable Valentine's Day meal with Waagyu Burger

Ahh, Valentine's Day. A momentous occasion to spend time with your significant other and enjoy some delicious food and romance.

At Waagyu Burger, we have curated a special menu for you and your loved one. The £69 Date Night box. Quantities are limited on this one, so you gotta be quick!

A waagyu burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce and crispy onions
Image: @topnosh_bykateandmatt

Packed with our signature burgers, sides, drinks and desserts, this is a surefire way to impress your other half this Valentine's Day.

Let's get into the best Valentine's meal you will ever enjoy.


Step one – order your box

You can't have a delicious meal without some delicious food, and our limited-edition box contains lots of it. Our '£69' Date Night Kit serves two and includes our signature offering of Waagyu Burgers with a host of the best toppings. Team these with our classic seaweed tossed fries and the decadent salted caramel ganache, and you're onto a winner for sure.

4x Signature Wagyu Burgers

4x Barnett's Bakery Sesame Brioche Buns

4x Slices Mature Cheddar 

4x Streaky Bacon

Fresh Baby Gem Lettuce

Crispy Onions

Waagyu Burger Mayo

Classic Fries - Waagyu Style

2x Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache Desserts

Plus, to drink, we have some delicious beverages included too. Two of Jubel brewery's signature lagers and two cocktails handcrafted by our friends at Dulse Seafood and Wine in Edinburgh's West End.

2x Sweetie Pie Cocktails

2x Jubel Peach Beers


Step two – setting the mood

While Waagyu Burger is slightly different from your usual Valentine's Day menus, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be setting up your dining room accordingly. Our burgers are the height of luxury and are a truly premium product. They should be done justice in your dining area.

Get the candles lit, the music on, table set, and you are ready to enjoy a delicious evening with your beloved, trust us.


Step three – cook your Waagyu Burgers.

All our Waagyu boxes come complete with quick, easy-to-follow instructions for you to enjoy them in no time.

Each box will come with an instruction sheet, but if you need help finding it, you can also find them on our website.

preparing wagyu burgers with the crispy onion topping being added
Image: @veeb_eats

You can either fire up the outdoor grill and cook your Waagyu Burgers on there or use the home-cooked method using the hob and oven. You can rest assured that they will taste delicious, whatever you choose.

The sides and desserts are super easy to prepare, and our cocktails are pre-mixed. All you have to do is shake them up.

You will only require around thirty minutes to prepare your Waagyu feast from start to finish, ensuring you have plenty of time to spend with your loved one on this special day.


Step four – sit back, relax, and enjoy

Now, the best part of the evening has got to be enjoying your Waagyu Burger feast. Two delicious burgers each, a side of our signature seaweed fries, and rich chocolate ganache to finish. All washed down with some cocktails and fruity beers. What could be better?

two waagyu burgers side by side
Image: @veeb_eats

Are you looking to order ahead of your special Valentine's evening? You can order right here.

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