Introducing Our New Burger Kits

Say hello to the 'Highland Venison' and 'Umami Flavour Bomb' burger kits!

As most of you will know, we have been providing the nation with delicious Wagyu beef burgers and St. Andrews Bay lobster rolls for quite some time now, but we have decided to branch out a little. We now offer two brand-new burger kits that are flying off the shelves!

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. So, we decided to mix up some of our classic burgers and offer you a brand-new kind of kit.


Highland Venison Burger

Venison Burger

First and foremost, our delicious Highland Venison Burgers are hot off the presses. A delightful alternative to our ever-popular Waagyu burgers.

Venison is a delicious and juicy meat that is perfect when made into a burger patty. Expect rich, deep, gamey flavours that you won’t find in a regular burger. They have been seasoned with our house blend of spices, and you will be drooling at every single bite of one.

Each kit has everything you need to make up the perfect weekend meal for friends and family.


The kit comes with:


Four Highland Venison Patties

Enjoy the taste of rich, gamey venison with our delicious burgers seasoned to perfection. These are great on the BBQ or when done using our very easy-to-follow cooking instructions.


Four Barnetts Bakery Sesame Brioche Rolls

The soft, buttery vessel for your burgers is baked to perfection and crowned with some sesame seeds for added flavour and texture. We have worked with local Anstruther bakery Barnetts since day one. Just a single bite into your burger, and you’ll know why!


Four Slices Mature Cheddar

Time to get melty. The perfect addition to the venison burgers helps to cut through the richness a little with our sharp and oozy Scottish cheddar. You will love it, trust us.


House ‘slaw

Adding some delicious coleslaw to a burger adds a delightful texture and creaminess. That is no different with our delicious house ‘slaw made with a unique blend of seasoning to make that burger just… *chef’s kiss*


Four Slices Streaky Bacon

No burger, beef, or venison would be complete without a slice of streaky bacon. We get ours from a local butcher, which adds a delicious smoky flavour profile to your bun. You’ll be in heaven, trust us.


Crispy Onions

The last ingredient before you crown your burger royalty. Some crispy onions. These add a deliciously savoury flavour and that perfect crunch too. No bun is complete without some crispy onions!


Waagyu Umami Bomb Burger Kit

Aye Pickled Umami Bomb burger

Let the savoury, spicy flavours take your tastebuds into orbit with this delicious Waagyu umami bomb. Supercharged with Aye Pickled smoky kimchi chilli sauce. Our classic Waagyu beef patties are taken to the next level with this delicious hot sauce – teamed with all the usual toppings we all know and love.


The kit comes with:


Four Waagyu Beef Patties

Our delicious Wagyu beef patties need little introduction. Juicy, rich, flavourful, and made from 100% British Wagyu beef. High marbling and fat content allow for the flavour to shine through.


Four Barnetts Sesame Brioche Rolls

From local Anstruther bakery. Think light, buttery, and rich buns that are the perfect home for your burger. Toast them to perfection, then load them up.


Four Slices of Mature Cheddar Cheese

No burger is complete without a bit of cheese, which is undoubtedly the case for our Umami Bomb Waagyu. Let the creamy, melty cheddar cut through the spicy hot sauce taking the heat off ever so slightly.


Four Slices Streaky Bacon

Another strong contender for ‘Best Burger Topping’ behind the cheese. Our delicious streaky bacon comes from a local butcher and adds a fundamental smoky, salty element to your Waagyu burger.


Aye Pickled Kimchi Hot Sauce

Handmade smokey hot sauce blended with fermented kimchi. An unusual flavour combination that meets to give you one of the best hot sauces on the market today. It packs a real umami punch!


Crisp Baby Gem Lettuce

Adding a fresh and crunchy texture to any burger. No Waagyu is complete without it!


Crispy Onions

Providing both a savoury flavour and crunchy texture. You’d be mad to leave these out of your burger.


Are you interested in picking up either of our new burger kits? You can do so right here!

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